Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Getting Ready for March Madness

Just because I'm trying to fill this up with some funny things to read, here's an amusing piece from McSweeney's from a guy doing 'power rankings' of his family. Here's one of the rankings, to give you a sense for it and fill up space in the blogosphere:

No. 5
My wife, Connie

I wanted to seed Connie higher, but she nagged me about clearing the table after dinner 19 too many times this week. Enough already. I have an ingrown thumbnail. Doesn't she know how incapacitating that is? It makes playing video games difficult, and that depresses the hell out of me. I don't see what's so important about clearing the table right after dinner, anyway. It's not like anybody is going to steal the dishes. Instead of nagging me, Connie should be thanking me for putting her in the top five this week. If it weren't for the hot sex and the cupcake making, she'd be sitting at the ninth spot, just behind the goldfish.


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