Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Not enough Joementum

Everyone should know at this point that Joe Lieberman, the 3 term Democratic Senator from Connecticut, lost the Democratic primary last night to Ned Lamont. It seems like it has been all downhill for Lieberman ever since the 2000 election when he was at his peak, receiving more votes for Vice President than the other guy. Since then his presidential campaign was a disaster and now he's potentially lost his job. I've been reading various analyses of the campaign to better understand what it was all about and I must say that I'm at a loss. Was this really just a referendum on the war in Iraq? Was it yet another case of an incumbent Senator who was out of touch with his constituents and lost his way? Was it too late when he realized the threat that Lamont posed? Or is this another example of how the primary system makes it nearly impossible for moderates to win elections these days. What I fear is that it's really the latter and what we get is more partisan bickering and less progress. Rick Santorum, meet Ned Lamont. I'm sure you guys will enjoy working together.


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