Thursday, June 29, 2006

Legislative fluff.

Massachusetts state senator Jarrett Barrios became very concerned when he discovered that his son was being served fluffernutter sandwiches in his school cafeteria. Mr. Barrios took it as his civic duty to bring this issue to the attention of his distinguished colleagues in the state Senate--he proposed amending the school nutrition bill to limit how often public schools could serve the offending sandwiches. Mr. Barrios met with quite a stiff resistance, however. The Massachusetts state senate has been fiercely debating the issue for the past week, only just recently tabling it. The proposal spurred such heated resistance, certainly because most senators could recognize the sticky, sweet, fabulousness that is fluffernutter, but also because Fluff is actually the product of a Massachusetts company. Other senators came forward not only reviling Mr. Barrios' attack on their local product, but proposing that fluffernutter be made the official state sandwich. Questioned as to why he thought peanut butter and marshmallow deserved a week's worth of the senate's attention, Mr. Barrios claimed he was just trying to bring children's nutrition to the forefront of public debate. Mr. Barrios had no explanation for why, seeing the direction the debate had taken, he did not immediately withdraw his proposal and replace it with some other bill with content that was broadly relevant to the issue he claims to be so concerned with. Runor has it that Senator Barrios is imminently expected to introduce a bill mandating two-ply toilet paper in all public bathrooms.


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