Thursday, August 10, 2006

How to lose your job with one newspaper headline.

Poor Ehud Olmert. The current Prime Minister of Israel did not ask for the job. He was thrust into the position when his predecessor and former Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, had a debilitating stroke which left him in a coma. Now Olmert is stuck in a difficult war in Lebanon with his hopes of withdrawing from the West Bank dashed. As if that weren't bad enough, check out this headline that appeared in Haaretz, an English language Israeli daily, a couple days ago. "PM wavers over ground ops." It seems to me that the last thing a politician wants at a time of war is to be seen as "wavering." Does this mark the end of Olmert and Sharon's nascent Kadima party? I have my money on Netanyahu of Likud taking over the reigns sooner rather than later.


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