Tuesday, November 21, 2006

A more pregnant message?

William Saletan argues in Slate that the Democrats swept into office without a unified message other than the promise of change. Looking forward, Saletan argues that the Dems need something more coherent to hang their hats on if they hope to consolidate their gains and maybe add a like-minded body to that ovular office in the White House. Saletan's recommendation of responsibility as the theme that can do this isn't exactly novel, but it strikes a chord rhetorically as you read. Taking a page from the Republicans' success playing the values card, Saletan says that under the umbrella of responsibility, all of the disparate issues the Dems have brought up--fiscal responsibility, healthcare, the environment--can be dressed up in more value-laden talk. They are moral imperatives! To solidify his platform, Saletan argues that abortion needs to become a Democratic issue again, and says that this can be done if the Democrats push the idea of reducing the number of abortions through a serious commitment to contraception. Reproductive responsibility, so to speak.


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