Saturday, December 02, 2006

Video games lead to violence? Sort of.

Normally, the debate about video games is that they somehow lead to violent or aggressive behavior out in the real world. But the new Nintendo Wii seems to be producing in-game destruction and violence--broken TVs, light bulbs, windows, and cut hands. For those who don't know, the Wii controller uses motion sensor technology so that it can be swung, stabbed, poked, et cetera, in imitation of what the video game character is doing in the game, whether that be wielding a tennis racket or a sword. There's also no wire that connects the controller to the system. The upshot is that rather than staying seated in front of the TV, gamers are up and about, swinging their arms around. In some cases of these non-catastrophic injuries, the controller has actually flown out of users' hands and smashed into the TV. In other cases, gamers have simply positioned themselves too near breakables, like light fixtures. Nintendo has issued the appropriate warnings.

Thanks to Nate for passing this along.


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